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When you own a Porsche, you drive a masterpiece of precision engineering and high-performance excellence. To ensure your Porsche starts with unwavering confidence and delivers its legendary power every time you turn the key, you need a just as exceptional battery. At Porsche Exchange, we’re proud to introduce you to the importance of Porsche Battery maintenance – a service designed to keep your Porsche at its peak performance, whether on the open road or the racetrack. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment or contact us today – we’re always here to help and have your back! We offer all our services at our convenient location in Highland Park, IL.

Why Service at Porsche Exchange?

At Porsche Exchange, we are Porsche experts because Porsche is the only brand that we work with. Day in and day out, our service team is either servicing Porsche models or training. With a cutting-edge brand like Porsche, there is always more to learn, and when you need service on such a vehicle, you should only trust a team that is willing to dedicate themselves to the brand as we have. We understand the intricacies of your car, and we know how to give it the respect it deserves. Additional benefits of servicing with us include:

Porsche Battery Test

Porsche Battery Replacement

At Porsche Exchange, your Porsche’s well-being is our top priority. Our certified Porsche technicians are experts in Porsche battery maintenance, equipped with specialized tools and Porsche-integrated software to ensure the proper fitment and installation of your genuine Porsche battery. This dedication to precision guarantees that your Porsche continues to perform at its absolute best, whether you’re cruising through the city or tearing up the racetrack. To keep your Porsche performing at its peak, entrust it to the experts who understand the heart and soul of a Porsche. With genuine Porsche battery replacement at Porsche Exchange, you can confidently ignite your Porsche’s performance, knowing that every drive will be as thrilling and exceptional as the first.

Porsche Car Battery Maintenance

Genuine Porsche Batteries

Porsche batteries are not your run-of-the-mill car batteries. They are meticulously engineered to meet the exacting standards that Porsche’s technologically advanced driving and safety systems demand. These batteries are crafted to deliver unparalleled power, reliability, and endurance to perform flawlessly in even the most extreme conditions. The benefits of choosing a genuine Porsche battery include:

  • Precision Engineering: Porsche batteries are designed with precision to match your Porsche’s exact energy requirements, ensuring that your vehicle’s electrical systems work harmoniously.
  • Reliability: You deserve a battery that you can trust. Genuine Porsche batteries are engineered for long-lasting performance, giving you peace of mind on the road and the track.
  • Endurance: Whether pushing your Porsche to the limits or facing challenging weather conditions, a Porsche battery is built to endure and deliver every time.

Porsche Service Packages

Save big with Porsche Service Packages at Porsche Exchange. Help keep your Porsche to Porsche’s highest standards, ensuring its performance with maximum service quality and complete convenience. The new range of Porsche Service Packages offers customers a choice of 4 packages, letting them select the service scope that fits their needs. These packages range from general maintenance to wear & tear and Porsche Approved Warranty, depending on the preferred package. The available Porsche Service Packages are for scheduled maintenance. All new Porsche vehicles will include the first scheduled maintenance as part of the purchase of the vehicle.

Porsche Battery FAQs

Genuine Porsche batteries are meticulously engineered to meet the exacting standards that Porsche's technologically advanced driving and safety systems demand. Their precise engineering, unparalleled reliability, and uncompromising endurance make them the perfect match for your Porsche’s performance.

Porsche batteries can last five years or more, depending on your usage.

Indications that your Porsche may need a new battery include:

  • Battery Light is On
  • Dim Headlights
  • Problems with Electrical Components
  • The Battery Case is Damaged
  • Difficulty Starting your Vehicle
  • Clicking Sounds

You should have your Porsche battery inspected each time you visit Porsche Exchange for maintenance. Our certified technicians will perform a multi-point inspection when you visit our dealership for an oil change service.

Batteries can be damaged or drained when you leave your lights on, intense weather fluctuations occur, corrosive damage has started, or have charging issues.

Your Porsche needs annual maintenance includes:

  • Drain, Change, and Test Oil
  • Inspect and Rotate Tires
  • Check Wheel Alignment
  • Inspect Brake Pads and Rotors
  • Inspect and Change Lube and Coolant
  • Replace Wipers
  • Test Battery

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