Porsche Exchange

VIP O’Hare Valet at Porsche Exchange in Highland Park, IL

The Porsche Exchange has created an exclusive partnership with O’Hare Personal Valet to offer our customers an extraordinary service. We all know what a hassle it can be parking at O’Hare, but what if you could drive your car directly to the gate and have a personal valet waiting there for you? What if when you returned, you texted your valet and they brought your hand-washed car directly to you at the arrivals terminal? Now it’s possible, and with a special discount to boot. Porsche Exchange customers will receive indoor parking for the outdoor parking price. It doesn’t end there though. You can also have your car brought in for service during your trip for 50% off the standard transport price and get a complimentary hand car wash too. That’s saving you time, and we know your time is money. You can book your reservation using our exclusive version of their app below. We know you are going to love this experience!


Porsche Exchange 42.1954442, -87.8308259.