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SunTek® Paint Protective Film

SunTek® Paint Protection Film guards against most road hazards you experience to consistently help maintain your car’s original finish. Our self-healing film stands out in a series of distinct finishes, helping to fend off rock chips, surface scratches, bird droppings and other debris while continuing to look spectacular. We’ve even introduced an advanced 2-in-1 technology that gives our latest product the protective power of both PPF and ceramic coating. SunTek PPF products are tested for performance and durability. All of our film is backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty

SunTek® Clear Film Pricing

PackageService IncludesRetail Price
Basic Package Door Cups, Door Edges, and Trunk $399.00
Package "A" Half Hood & Fender Mirrors Front Bumper $1,695.00
Package "B" Full Hood & Half Fender Mirrors Front Bumper $2,295.00
Bumper Bumper $795.00
Package "C" Full Hood & Fender Mirrors Front Bumper $2,695.00
Package "Z" Full Hood & Fender Mirrors Front & Rear Bumper & Rockers $3,695.00
Package "X" Entire Vehicle $7,995.00
Package "S" Entire Vehicle - Stealth $8,995.00
Package "I" Interior Glass Trim (Navigation, Center Console, Passenger Info Screen) $399.00
Clearplex Windshield $999.00 - When paired with package $695.00

Reaction Paint Protection Film

SunTek® Reaction is a PPF innovation that integrates the super hydrophobicity1 of a ceramic coating with premium, self-healing paint protection film. This advanced two-in-one construction helps to keep your finish looking like it rarely sees the road with its impressive protective benefits.

Reaction stands up to flying gravel, salt, grit, and more. It has self-healing properties. Its noticeably clear finish shows an intense gloss with no orange peel appearance. This trailblazing PPF utilizes Eastman Tetrashield™ protective resin system technology, trusted by some OEMs for their finishes.

Paint Protection Film Ultra

SunTek® PPF Ultra is scientifically formulated to help maintain the beauty and integrity of vehicle finishes—for many years in all kinds of weather. It’s a fusion of innovative film technologies created to make a lasting impression.

Our high-performing film features an advanced HydroResist™ technology. When its improved stain resistant top coat is combined with Ultra’s impressive self-healing properties, a durable, high-gloss barrier is created, helping to shield against water, insects, road debris, and other stains.

Paint Protection Film Ultra Matte

SunTek® Paint Protection Film Ultra Matte delivers all the benefits of our high-performing PPF Ultra film with a head-turning, smooth matte finish. It’s performance at first sight.

Whether you’re blending Ultra Matte with flat automotive paint or upgrading the gloss finish of your vehicle, this PPF features a proprietary self-healing top coat that promises years of protection.

Paint Protection Film Ultra Defense

Designed for higher impact resistance, SunTek® Ultra Defense is our thickest, most durable film that helps deliver added vehicle protection in brutal road conditions and more severe climates. Ideal for the track or off-roading, this tough film easily helps defend vehicle finishes that take constant abuse during everyday driving.

Offering all the same benefits of PPF Ultra plus a higher level of impact resistance, self-healing Ultra Defense features HydroResist™ technology for increased stain resistance and longevity. Backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty, this tough film boldly stands up to scratches, rock chips and other debris. With Ultra Defense, you’ll want to take the road less traveled—every time.

Paint Protection Film Clear and Matte

SunTek® PPF Clear and PPF Matte provide a strong, reliable layer of paint protection that helps meet the demands of your daily driving schedule. Defending against the enemies of pristine paint, Clear and Matte are designed to help keep your vehicle looking fresh while helping to maintain its value longer.

Available in both high gloss and smooth matte finishes, you can choose the appearance you want. Each film is backed by a manufacturer’s 5-year limited warranty, making PPF C and M two practical alternatives to help protect your investment for miles to come.

Altered Black Paint Protection Film

Advanced protection has a brand-new look. For an awesome custom appearance with outstanding defense against daily road wear and tear, choose SunTek® Altered Black Paint Protection Film. Scientifically formulated to help protect your vehicle’s finish, Altered Black PPF utilizes the same proprietary HydroResist™ technology found in SunTek Paint Protection Film Ultra. The result is a hydrophobic surface that limits moisture and dirt accumulation on the film’s surface. Altered Black also helps defend against rocks and road debris while self-healing scratches with eye-catching attitude.

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